0.3: Billy No Mates

ShropgeekThis week on A Bit More Backendy I try out the solo format.

I ramble on about:

0.2: Gert Lush with Rick Hurst

Rick HurstThis week on A Bit More Backendy I interview my first ever guest, Bristol based freelance developer, skateboarder and traveller Rick Hurst. (not to be mistaken with Cletus from The Dukes of Hazard)

We discuss the early Bristol web scene, I bang on a bit more about Vagrant and Google’s cloud offerings are compared, Rick talks about choosing the right (programming) tool for the job, Python/Django/Zope & their differences are explained, WordPress self hosting is touched upon, we prove that I clearly know nothing about server-side JavaScript and Rick explains how he has spent the last few summers travelling Europe with his family and a laptop trying and quite regularly succeeding to get work done, euro pop notwithstanding.

It got a bit rushed at the end there, but as first interviews go I’ve no complaints.

1×106 thanks to Rick for being such a great sport.

Show notes

Rick’s blog is here and he’s on twitter as @rickhurst.

If you’ve got any feedback, you want something including in the show or you’d just like to say hi, you can email foo@backendy.com or yo can give us some twitter love, we’re @backendy and we’d love to hear from you.

Your host was Darren Beale and I work at Siftware.

0.1: Hello World


The first show!

A bit of a discovery session, this was the third version I fully recorded this time not being audio bombed by the cat/postman/phone.

I’m aware the audio isn’t perfect, I’ve since sussed it and it’ll be better in future shows.

In this show:

  • Why another webby podcast?
    • we <3 designers/frontenders
    • but there’s space for a show focussed on the backend
  • Are you a web designer?
    • No
  • Things on the Internet
  • Stuff to maybe talk about in the future
    • Vagrant
    • Is PHP considered enterprise ready?
    • The framework landscape
    • PHP frameworks
  • Siftware is hiring

It’s the first show and this was very much a starting point so hopefully you’ll stick around.

Please feel free to email love, suggestions or ideas to foo@backendy.com or try @backendy.