0.1: Hello World


The first show!

A bit of a discovery session, this was the third version I fully recorded this time not being audio bombed by the cat/postman/phone.

I’m aware the audio isn’t perfect, I’ve since sussed it and it’ll be better in future shows.

In this show:

  • Why another webby podcast?
    • we <3 designers/frontenders
    • but there’s space for a show focussed on the backend
  • Are you a web designer?
    • No
  • Things on the Internet
  • Stuff to maybe talk about in the future
    • Vagrant
    • Is PHP considered enterprise ready?
    • The framework landscape
    • PHP frameworks
  • Siftware is hiring

It’s the first show and this was very much a starting point so hopefully you’ll stick around.

Please feel free to email love, suggestions or ideas to foo@backendy.com or try @backendy.

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