7: Joel Hughes

64446652b9c4f2c1dcaab1b6cb9a1baeThis week I have on the show with me Joel Hughes who I saw speaking at last year’s Shropgeek Revolution.

Joel runs Port 80 events in Newport, South Wales, comprising of a large show once a year called Port 80 as well as 3 quarterly smaller grass-roots events called Localhost (see what he did there?). Joel is also running a new format conference this year called the The Business of Web Design on the 18th July in Cardiff.

Not a lot of tech in this episode, we focus in on the business side of things.

  • I get my weekly chance to plug OneNote and the new dev features and then we touch briefly on productivity. Joel uses aspects of the Pomodoro technique and I mention ZTD, which is a really nice wrapper for GTD
  • We discuss Joel’s earlier Y2K work on IBM mainframes as well as the fact that Joel is considering expanding his business  later this year
  • There a good chunk of time spent on running a conference, how much work it is and also how to get your talk submission recognised.
  • I bring up weareallaweso.me a really useful looking resource for anyone looking to do more conference talking from @theophani

Joel is @Joel_Hughes on that twitter and you can see the sort of things he’s working on via his website. Don’t forget there’s also the conference links above where tickets are still available.

I’m Darren Beale and if you’d like to get in touch please do so via @backendy or email foo@backendy.com.

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6: Karl Bunyan

Karl BunyanThis week we have on the show Karl Bunyan.

Karl & I used to run a business together so there’s some reminiscing about that, talk of flying – and the art of learning how to – as well as a good a good chunk of time on Karl’s experiences writing Facebook apps during the early gold-rush period.

I wax lyrical about my new Kindle paperwhite and I note how I’m still in shock over my favourite piece of software, MS OneNote,  being released for free with a new OS X client and a shiny new API just hours before recording.

I really enjoyed making this show, it felt more like a chat over a couple of beers, so if the slightly-more-rambly-geeking-out format proves successful then I may do more of them. If, on the other hand, it’s extremely unpopular than it’s all Karl’s fault, obviously.


Karl is @karlbunyan and he has a blog here. I’m Darren Beale and if you’d like to get in touch please do so via @backendy or email foo@backendy.com

5: Mike Ellis

Mike EllisThis week I had the pleasure of Mike Ellis joining me on the show. He’s a lovely chap and we have a chat about work, life and a bunch of things that are interesting to us both at the moment.

Mike can be reached on twitter as @m1ke_ellis and as always you can reach me, Darren Beale via twitter on either @bealers / @backendy, or you can email foo@backendy.com.


4: Laura Kalbag

Laura KalbagThis week we have the ridiculously talented designer Laura Kalbag on the show, together we discuss:

  • Dogs, apparently a Huskamute is a thing
  • My recent trip to the Manchester Founders’ Assembly (see @mcrstartups)
  • We’d like a conference covering all aspects of web, front and back-end
  • Generally speaking the term web development seems to be used to refer to front-end dev
  • I should probably put my rates up
  • Backenders might need some better marketing
  • A great episode of The Web Ahead Podcast discussing Annotations
  • I briefly mention Rove.io for pre-generating Vagrant builds

Thanks ever so much to Laura for coming on. You can see some of her work here (this one is particularly good) and she’s @laurakalbag on pretty much every social media outlet.

Any feedback? I’d really welcome it. Is there anyone you’d like me to interview? Do you want something including in the show?

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