4: Laura Kalbag

Laura KalbagThis week we have the ridiculously talented designer Laura Kalbag on the show, together we discuss:

  • Dogs, apparently a Huskamute is a thing
  • My recent trip to the Manchester Founders’ Assembly (see @mcrstartups)
  • We’d like a conference covering all aspects of web, front and back-end
  • Generally speaking the term web development seems to be used to refer to front-end dev
  • I should probably put my rates up
  • Backenders might need some better marketing
  • A great episode of The Web Ahead Podcast discussing Annotations
  • I briefly mention Rove.io for pre-generating Vagrant builds

Thanks ever so much to Laura for coming on. You can see some of her work here (this one is particularly good) and she’s @laurakalbag on pretty much every social media outlet.

Any feedback? I’d really welcome it. Is there anyone you’d like me to interview? Do you want something including in the show?

You can let me know via that iTunes thing, you can email foo@backendy.com or you can give us some twitter love, we’re @backendy. Thanks.

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