6: Karl Bunyan

Karl BunyanThis week we have on the show Karl Bunyan.

Karl & I used to run a business together so there’s some reminiscing about that, talk of flying – and the art of learning how to – as well as a good a good chunk of time on Karl’s experiences writing Facebook apps during the early gold-rush period.

I wax lyrical about my new Kindle paperwhite and I note how I’m still in shock over my favourite piece of software, MS OneNote,  being released for free with a new OS X client and a shiny new API just hours before recording.

I really enjoyed making this show, it felt more like a chat over a couple of beers, so if the slightly-more-rambly-geeking-out format proves successful then I may do more of them. If, on the other hand, it’s extremely unpopular than it’s all Karl’s fault, obviously.


Karl is @karlbunyan and he has a blog here. I’m Darren Beale and if you’d like to get in touch please do so via @backendy or email foo@backendy.com

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