8: Rachel Andrew

Rachel AndrewThis week I’m delighted to have Rachel Andrew on the show. I’ve been wanting to talk with Rachel since I read The Profitable Side Project Handbook.

For those of you that don’t know, Rachel is the founder of edgeofmyseat.com the company behind the successful CMS Perch which was launched as a side project 4ish years ago and it has since become so successful that Rachel and Drew have been able to stop doing consulting work to focus on their product. \o/

If I’d have had my own way this would have been an hour conversation about product bootstrapping but being concious of the podcast’s title we do swing the conversation around to backend related subjects too.

  • There’s talk of content marketing and where it’s a good tool to use as promotion for a product
  • We discuss conference speaking and the types of conferences out there these days
  • There’s a lot of discussion around the toolset used to develop Perch: source control, bug tracking etc and we also touch upon the pretty major constraints that they are under to ensure that perch will run on rubbish low-spec shared hosting (and PHP 5.2!).
  • Deployment and provisioning is also covered in some depth covering things like documentation, the demo site and of course packaging up releases.

Rachel is @rachelandrew on twitter and has a blog at rachelandrew.co.uk as well as a regular spot on A List Apart.

As always if you’d like to get in touch please do so via @backendy or email foo@backendy.com.

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