This website supports the podcast A Bit More Backendy a show for web developers and designers, discussing their businesses & the technologies of their trade.

There are already lots of great podcasts out there focussing on web design but if there is any talk of development, it’ll usually stop at the presentation layer or the CMS.

Backendy’s content aims to be topical & light but where it does get technical there is likely to be more of a leaning towards the backend.

The show is hosted by Darren Beale who runs Siftware, a boutique agency offering PHP development and consultancy services.

Still reading? Here’s a blog post giving some more info on why this podcast was started.

If you want to get in touch you can email foo@backendy.com or do the twitter thing: we’re @backendy.

A podcast for web developers and designers with more of a focus on backend technologies. Based in the UK.